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♡  Zen Blu is unique, luxurious, unisex jewellery with a focus on sustainability, designed to make expressing yourself and your aura easy through means of colour palates and styles that resonate with YOU. When deciding what to purchase, I ask that you choose your piece by being in a zen relaxed state and choosing the piece that speaks to you (or if gifted, reminds you of your friend or family). 

♡  The luster and shine of pearls I find so precious and ask that when you wear your piece you remember and thank the magic of mother nature that has formed the very pearls you’re wearing. Also acknowledging too the metal the earth provides us, the previous story behind every thrifted second hand bead and its new story to come!  

♡  All Zen Blu jewellery is made using ethical materials such as lab grown gemstones, recycled sterling silver, recycled non-toxic/non-tarnishing britannia, recycled thrifted beads and sustainably grown freshwater Australasian and/or thrifted freshwater pearls. 

♡  Each piece is unique and limited, due to being made of entirely second hand beads and newly created patterns. Much time, love and thought goes into each piece, and I hope that everyone who ever wears Zen Blu feels the love energy that's been crafted into it.  

♡  Zen Blu prides itself on considering sustainable consumption in this capitalist world, in hopes to reduce the environmental impact made as a collective. Remember no capitalist consumption can ever be entirely sustainable but remembering with all purchases you make - not just of mine, that you stop, think, inquire and investigate everything you continue to buy and where it has come from. We can all achieve a brighter future by supporting local production; including food, creatives and brands. 

♡ all art sources are now made using Artificial intelligence-generated images by myself. Prior images are saved to my pinterest 4 you to see! - (see icon below) ♡


All Handcrafted with love in the heart of Ōtepoti by Zena x


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